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Experienced Sales Development 

The aerospace community is a small industry and knowing the right customer for the right product is key. There are multiple ways to sell a product and service into the aerospace community and it is not a one size fits all approach. The PREO Aerospace team can evaluate your product and service to determine the right path way by: 


  • Evaluating current sales process and provide improvement recommendations 

  • Create customer service team 

  • Recommend B2B, B2C or C2C approaches 

  • Network product into the aerospace community

Expert Marketing Support

As pilots and aviation professionals, we understand what it takes to bring a product to market, and the challenges that come with doing this. We also know the importance of delivering a clear and concise branding message especially when competing with big names with even bigger budgets. The PREO team can provide expert marketing support to help get your product in front of the right faces digitally and in person.


  • Press Release Copy 

  • Tradeshow Planning 

  • Product Release Event 

  • Social Media Calendar 

  • New Product Release Planning

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Technical Services

Technical challenges in the aerospace and avionics community are unique to the industry. Without experience with these challenges, programs and projects can be costly and 

The PREO Aerospace team can provide technical services with: 


  • STC Certification Guidance 

  • Review Install Manuals and User Guides 

  • Military and Defense Contract Review 

  • Domestic Government Proposal Writing 

  • Commercial Airline Bid Processes 

  • New Product Development Recommendations 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Knowing you want to grow your business through acquisition is the first step. The numerous remaining steps can be overwhelming and at times too much for your in house team to handle without compromising the day-to-day operations of your business. We can help at any stage of the process, including: 


  • Hunting for the right opportunities 

  • Making contact and setting up site visits 

  • Preparing presentations "about us"

  • Assisting the negotiations and valuations process 

  • Managing the due diligence 

  • Integration planning

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